little about history.

Founder and the creative head of MODD/group.

Having named among the top 60 creatives that will lead the advertising industry, he is one of the most awarded Turkish creatives in the world.

There is no reason for anybody not to be creative! The first thing to do is wear a smile. You don’t need a reason but just learn to do it. This is how MODD/group works. When he has launched the MODD brand in 2009, it was a small group of creatives with a few clients. In just 4 years MODD brand has become a group of company with a team of thirty passionate creatives from all around the world.

Beyond the MODD/group, he is a managing partner of Baret Media and PGM Agency here in İstanbul.

Now his dreams has more than two hundred clients from all over the world...


Multi-Disciplinary Design Factory / Creative Head / Founder


First Time Ad-Agency For Real-Estate Industry / Creative Head / Co-Founder


Promotional Gift Ideas Co. / Creative Head / Founder


Cem Has

Cem Has

When Your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.

Henry j. Kaiser

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Cem tells stories in an informed and inspiring manner about his holistic approach at the intersection of design, culture, and marketing. He provides bespoke solutions based on his knowledge in strategies concerning design, innovation and brand development.

Central Saint Martins University, Domus Academy, product design, advertising, ted attentant, member of behance network, app developer, dreamer, blogger, tumblr, pinterest, instagram lover, trendwatcher, market research, new media, guerilla marketing, branding, popular trends, non-traditional marketing, social networking, graphic design, web trends, photography, video, minimal, Idm, experimental, starbucks, maskable, micro sites, street fashion, lifestyle, art, culture, unicef, massive attack, 30 sec. to mars, fashion, of course mac, stop motion, mass media, street art, new media, lovemarks, london, detail, video art, sound, magazine, frederic beigbeder, charles bukowski, albert camus, naomi klein, communication thruogh product, unconventional brand communication, vine addict, ad-men…

and after all,

It’s not about what we do,
but how good we are doing it...

According to Cem, good design is a clever solution to a problem. To reach there you must be open-minded and open hearted. Unite the past, present and future and be inspired from the world around you. Design is about humans. Always. That's why it has to be culturally connected. We are not machines. You have to see design through the lens of humanity.

Be the best at your niche in the world but don’t be so exclusive that a majority of the world can’t experience it.

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