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your dna says that you are different than anybody. so dream something you love and chase for it. Like i DO.


developing business ideas... btw, not just ideas, working on making ideas happen. trying to shape the future by creative thinking.


Use design, creativity and innovation to make products and services relevant enough to attract the target group and they will find them voluntarily.


founded and fullfilled 4 successfull start-ups. still working on different markets for my next startups.


blogger since 2004. chasing new trends and sharing via lots of blogs about different contents.


inspiring crowds by sharing digital trends on my social networks and conferences. trying to shape a creative heritage.


WHY ? best question ever... love to read and surf online. limitless desire for knowladge. and this makes me survive.


multi-disciplinary designer and creative director in a wide variety of design applications.

Motivation Of Design Disciplines

brief summary
MODD/works is a mutti disciplinary design factory founded in Istanbul. Over 6 years, agency now has more than 150 customers from all over the world. 30 creative people is now working for a better design solutions and making their customers standing out of the crowd. Now MODD/works has it’s own building in the center of the Istanbul, office in Hong Kong and in 2017 they are planning to open a new office in London U.K.
Turkey’s first visionary agency that has startup department inhouse.
Biggest agency of Turkey in constuction market.
33x growth in 6 years adventure
İstanbul HQ
Hong Kong Office
London U.K Office (2017)
California U.S (2019)

Analizing the world trends and reconstruct them on our own perstective.
Most visited blog in Turkey’s ad-agencies.
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About Me
learn, share and repeat.


Having named among the top 60 creatives that will lead the creative industry, he is one of the most awarded Turkish creatives in the world.
Born ’86
Graduated from Visual Communication Design at Bahçeşehir University and Central Saint Martins University in London.MBA from Design Cultures and Entreprenurship at Domus Academy in Milano In 2009, he started with a small group of creatives with a few clients. In just 6 years MODD brand has become a group of company with a team of thirty passionate creatives and clients from all around the world. Cem tells stories in an informed and inspiring manner about his holistic approach at the intersection of design, culture, and marketing. He provides bespoke solutions based on his knowledge in strategies concerning design, innovation and brand development.
Beyond the MODD/works, he is founder and managing partner of ;
Be the best at your niche in the world but don’t be so exclusive that a majority of the world can’t experience it.
Central Saint Martins University, Domus Academy, product design, advertising, ted attentant, member of behance network, app developer, dreamer, entrepreneur, startup lover, blogger, tumblr freak, instagram lover and trendwatcher…
internet of things, augmented reality, big data, consuming trends, new media, guerilla marketing, branding, popular trends, non-traditional marketing, social networking, graphic design, web trends, photography, video, minimalism, Idm, experimental, starbucks, art, culture, unicef, massive attack, 30 sec. to mars, fashion, of course mac, stop motion, mass media, street art, lovemarks, london, hong kong, palo alto, detail, video art, 3D sound, printed magazine, frederic beigbeder, charles bukowski, albert camus, naomi klein, communication thruogh product, unconventional brand communication, vine addict, cigar collector, piano lover, olafur arnalds, thomas newman…